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Most secure hardware wallet on the market – Trezor Model T

Sleep tight by storing your crypto on the most secure hardware wallet on the market. Pick the model you like, but based on our research Trezor Model T is the most convenient pick in terms of price, security & functionality. Get it here or get it with the backup pack.

Buy Trezor Model One

Does Trezor Model T feel too expensive for you? No problem, Trezor gots you. Get yourself a more affordable Trezor Model One version (comes in black and white color)

You can also select one of their Level A+ security bundles, packages & accessories

Trezor Model T Bundle Pack

Buy Trezor Model T along with a 6mm titanium case that’s practically indestructible and store your seed phrase regardless of any catastrophe that may happen.

Trezor Shamir HODL Pack

Buy Trezor Model T along with 5 cryptosteel capsules to hide your seed phrase in. Impossible to break in even if stolen.


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Explore Trezor Accessories

Level up your crypto security by exploring their metal storage accessories.

Get Yourself a Unique NFT Domain

Create your unique online crypto identity by purchasing your unique domain name and then using your domain name to get payments. Instead of being 0x29d7d1dd5b… on the web, create something unique and memorable, like yournickname.crypto or yournickaneme.nft or yournickname.coin or yourname.wallet.


Secure your unique domain name now at Unstoppable Domains before someone overtakes you and gets your name!

Get Your Crypto Taxes Right

Have a good relationship with tax authorities, by reporting your crypto taxes correctly and efficiently. Get your instant crypto tax report at CoinLedger, trusted by 300.000+ crypto investors. Integrate your trading history from more than 200+ trading platforms or wallets and create international reports suited to your country of residence. Create your first crypto tax report with CoinLedger here.

Buy Crypto Domain

Get yourself a unique .crypto or .nft or .coin or .bitcoin or .wallet domain.


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Earn 17% Interest or Borrow in Crypto

Put your crypto at work with Nexo and earn up to 17% annual interest on your crypto, paid out daily. Nexo also enables you to borrow up to $2 million and use more than 40 cryptos as collateral. Unlock the power of your crypto and start your Nexo account today.

Unlock Pro Trading Experience

Trading crypto or stocks? Unlock the best trading experience with TradingView Pro by

  • hiding annoying ads,
  • setting up alerts, displaying up to 8 charts in one layout,
  • or getting up to 25 indicators per chart.

Get a TradingView Pro subscription here.

Best Crypto Portfolio Management Tool

Use Shrimpy and manage all your crypto portfolios on one platfrom. Connect 30+ popular platforms, automate trading and even copy the best traders. Explore how Shrimpy works here.